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The success of any ministry can be measured by the fruit which it yields. St. Augustine University Parish and the Newman Center programming have been amazingly successful spiritually.

At its current location on South Hickory Street, the parish offers daily Mass and a wide variety of programs such as Bible studies, RCIA, student fellowship, men’s & women’s groups, service retreats, spiritual direction/development, continuing faith education, and much more. However, student ministry has grown steadily over the last 40 years with each new program and service made available. Since 2011, there has been a sharp increase in student attendance at Mass and a large growth in many programs offered at St. Augustine.

Also, in that five-year period, there has also been a steady rise in the significant number of religious vocation discernments coming from this particular Newman Center.

St. Augustine University Parish & Newman Center, 2016

Since 2011:

• Twelve (12) men have entered seminarian formation, 4 are currently in Major Seminary, the others are at various stages in College Seminary. One woman has also been discerning a call to consecrated life.
• In two years, programming has formed 3 Men’s Groups, 1 Women’s Group, several community service groups, and mission trip opportunities.
• Weekly Newman Dinner participation has grown from an average of 10-15 students per week in 2012, to over 80 students each week in the Spring 2017.
• Daily Mass was begun. At each Mass, attendance of 30-50 people is common.
• Eucharistic Adoration is offered Tuesdays through Fridays each week from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
• In the Fall 2016, the Men’s and Women’s retreats each drew over 30 students, more than doubling in size from just two years earlier.

To download the document that summarizes our ministry and its accomplishments, please click on the links in red below.

Since their arrival at St. Augustine in the fall of 2014, FOCUS missionaries have:

+ Increased Bible Study participation by almost 200%, from 40 people to over 120 individual students
+ Increased student Mass participation markedly
+ Mentored students so well that 4 UWP students applied to become FOCUS missionaries themselves. All four were accepted on their first attempt. FOCUS representatives commented on how that was previously unheard of. More are applying each semester.
+ Developed additional mission trip and service opportunities

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