A Huge Success

Mar 23, 2016 -- Posted by : admin

The 2016 Newman Banquet is definitely one for the record books…

In 2015, we had a record crowd for our Newman Banquet with 75 people. This year, we DOUBLED that with nearly 150 people in attendance!

As people gathered in the Newman lounge for hors d’oeuvres and drinks before dinner, there was an energy that something extraordinary was in the making that evening.

Fr. John Del Priore began the banquet by speaking about so many bright spots of “the incredible work of the Holy Spirit” in the ministry that happens everyday at St. Augustine. He spoke of a young man who had a profound realization about God’s role in his life, which then forever changed his outlook.

Fr. John introduced Sydney Kilcoin, a junior who spoke about the major impact that her time spent at the St. Augustine Newman Center has had on her life. She said that the relationships here are not like those she has experienced anywhere else and that this ministry has helped her in building and defining herself as a Catholic young adult as she prepares to enter the working world in a year.

Before he gave the meal blessing, Bishop Robert Morlino then spoke about the students at St. Augustine as “a sure sign of hope” who can “change the Church and can change the world”. He also directed the audience by saying that “we want to invest all the energy and the other resources that we can” into places like this.

After several courses of dinner were served, Development Director Steve Davies spoke about “a growing ministry” which since 2011 has gone from a handful of students attending talks and events to sending 10 vocations to the priesthood where previously there had been zero. He also commented on how 25 students at a Friday 6:30 a.m. Mass was pretty impressive and “not where I would have been at their age”.

Tom Kenney and Jim Rosemeyer then introduced the proposed new building project and promotional video. As the Co-Chairs of the Campaign Core Team for the St. Augustine project, they and the Core Team help advise and guide the project while helping the fundraising team network and spread the word. You can view the video on our homepage!! www.pioneercatholic.org

To wrap up the evening, Fr. Faustino Ruiz praised Bishop Morlino for his support and leadership as he thanked everyone in attendance for their continued support of the ministry at St. Augustine University Parish.

All in all, this was a Newman Banquet like no other, and there were plenty of leftovers in the fridge for the students for the week after!

You can read the Catholic Herald article and see some of the photos at:



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