Our Existing Home

Our current building has served us well for over 40 years. We've simply outgrown it!

"We have some serious problems with our building. We don't have the space for 10 full time staff members. The building wasn't designed for that..." ~ Fr. John

Originally built in 1974, we have added on to this building twice in order to meet the ever-growing need for great Catholic campus ministry. The time is right to build a larger and more modern facility that will allow us to continue to grow and serve the students well into the future.

Below, are summer 2016 pictures of our main student spaces: the cafeteria where weekly Newman dinners regularly draw 80-90 people, the study room where about 8-10 students can crowd into (but dozens more want to), the lounge where groups up to about 15-20 can 'comfortably' meet (but where 30-40 often congregate), and the 20'x 15' FOCUS missionary room where four FOCUS missionaries do the majority of their ministry. Our students need more space where they can hang out, study, develop, and thrive as young Catholics.

Check out the Newman promo Video on the homepage for views of these spaces in peak use!

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